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Sitemporon 61-63 , Argostoli , Kefalonia

"AINOS BICYCLE STORE" was born as an idea through a conversation between two friends, George Laskaris and Vassilis Kotoulas .

Each following his path , but always maintaining a stable relationship with cycling , it did not take long to make the decision

The goal has always been to create a separate bike store , which encourages and helps significantly the cyclist.

Thus, in early 2013 , a fully equipped shop has appeared in the center of Argostoli, on the beautiful island of Kefalonia.



  • Offers all types of bicycles and a wide range of models: BMX , DIRT , mountain biking, hiking, City, Road, FULL SUSPENSION , e- bike, etc and many children from the age of two years.
  • Collaborate with industry leaders : SPECIALIZED , Mongoose , Jumpertrek , DRAG etc. Strategic partner is the " KASSIMATIS CYCLING " , a company active in the field of cycling in our country since 1945.
  • All bikes are branded with what this entails : high strength and durability, the manufacturer's warranty of 2 years old, excellent after sales service .
  • After each sale , the bike is adjusted 100% to the needs and the body in question.
  • Workshop with bike experience are able to undertake any spare parts and a variety of all companies .
  • From the summer of 2013 at the store and is actively involved with the cycle hiring, at prices compatible with the time and excellent service.
  • From the summer of 2015 in our shop you can also rent a scooter or a motorcycle.

Don't hesitate to ask about any kind of outdoor activity in Kefalonia you are into

There are solutions and recommendations for everything


Ever since I was little I was very keen on two wheels . Bicycle , motorcycle , bicycle again . So when the opportunity to do a job there was no way not to follow it.


Live to cycle!